Touching Lives Changing Communities  


With material and Financial donations from well meaning philanthropists around the globe, Ekwonye Foundation acts as a go between donors and recipients.



Many donors find it difficult to make donations to those who truly needs it and Ekwonye Foundation seek out genuine recipients and , assist them get donations from donors.


The job of delivering donated materials and Financial assistance to target is made simple through,our painstaking efforts even to remotest part of the country.

With a a staff strength of over 105 volunteer representative, Ekwonye Foundation has achieved greater grassroots network over the years.



In addition to delivering donated  items from donors  to recipients, Ekwonye Foundation through grants and Financial donations assist parents and individuals in :

* Paying for their children's school fees in both primary, secondary and tertiary institution.

*Paying for housing and accomodations.

*Paying 75% business start up funding.

*Paying for small scale agribusiness .

* Paying for Healthcare services


Through Ekwonye Foundation,hundreds of people have received ,tricycles, commercial vehicles, accomodations, educational assistance and many other assistance.